Why you should come

The TCI European Conference in Sofia will provide opportunities to engage with the full set of issues relevant for more effective cluster-based efforts, whether you are a policy maker or a cluster manager.

Delegates are invited to observe presentations from industry specialists, challenge business experts on issues of shared interest to every organisation and engage in lively discussions.

We will encourage 1:2:1 meetings, which will allow delegates to acquire long-lasting business relationships.

The TCI European Conference 2018 is a chance to expand the worldwide knowledge and understanding about the entire Balkan region and neighboring countries, about active and successful cluster networks, economy development and future plans for clusters co-operation.

We want all delegates to see the Conference as a platform for creative minds, a journey between cluster of all continents, a hand-shake between knowledge and experience!

You will find new learning and new contacts to help tackle the yet unknown challenges of the future together.

TCI Past Conference video - 15th Anniversary

Best of 2017: the Highlights of the 20th TCI Global Conference in Bogota, Colombia

TCI Global Conference 2017, "The future of Clusters through cross-country and cross-region collaboration”. 300 cluster practitioners from 44 countries participated in the main international conference on cluster development in the world, organized by the TCI Network and hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota.



A TCI Network conference

TCI Network conference

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