Why Sofia

Every year, TCI organises its flagship event, the TCI Global Conference in an outstanding city/region gathering between 300 and 500 participants. TCI encourages the development of regional initiatives and events that serve the needs and interests of cluster practitioners in a specific region. This continued support is consistent with TCI’s mission to promote and improve cluster methodologies, raise professional standards in cluster-based development initiatives, and improve living standards and the local competitiveness of regions throughout the world.

TCI has chosen Sofia, Bulgaria as the location and host for its European Conference in 2018. As a Regional Conference of TCI, it will support the reinforcement of TCI in Europe by promoting closer ties among cluster practitioners in the region as well as by facilitating an open exchange of experiences, results and methodologies.

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Why Sofia


is the capital of Bulgaria and the biggest political, administrative, cultural and educational centre in the country, with a current population of 1,8 mln. inhabitants. Sofia Municipality is an administrative unit with a status of a region and divided into 24 districts, administered by local mayors. The main activities include: preservation of the environment, healthcare, social, educational and cultural activities for the citizens of Sofia.

The local authority is represented by the Sofia Municipal Council, a body of local self-government, and by the city’s Mayor who performs executive functions supported by the municipal administration. The Municipal Administration is divided into nine sectors with different spheres of activities, one of which is Green system, ecology and use of land.
The competence of Sofia Municipal Council is to adopt and implement strategies, programmes and plans on local issues concerning the sustainable development of the city.

In order to achieve increased growth and sustainability, based on improvement of economic competitive capacity in the framework of European regions (EU-27), Sofia strongly focuses on creating support structures in the field of innovation, financial instruments, technology and business development.

As capital city, Sofia would like to increase its capacity to influence economic development and innovation policies in the country and wishes to learn from others in the project to become a SMART cit that will improve the quality of life of its citizen.

2018 is already a very important year for Bulgaria, having the EU Council Presidency from 1st Jan to 31st June 2018. The Presidency mandate will provide Bulgaria with the opportunity to put forward some of its strategic priorities into the center of the political agenda of the Union. It is also a stimulus for Bulgaria to achieve better results on some benchmarks related to EU funds adoption and reforms in the area of Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.

With regards to EU Presidency, but not only, Bulgaria is already working hard to elaborate a strategic vision for the development of its priority sectors – energy, bio-agriculture, tourism, IT sector and cultural industries.



 *Source Sofia Investment Agency

Why Sofia


Why Sofia



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