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Sofia Municipality, in an alliance with Association of Business Clusters of Bulgaria and Consulting Cluster Veritas are delighted to welcome the TCI European Conference 2018 in Bulgaria.

Sofia Municipality

Sofia Municipality

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the biggest political, administrative, cultural and educational centre in the country, with a current population of 1,8 mln. inhabitants. Sofia Municipality is an administrative unit with a status of a region and divided into 24 districts, administered by local mayors. The main activities include: preservation of the environment, healthcare, social, educational and cultural activities for the citizens of Sofia.

Sofia is the biggest district economy in the country. About 39% of Bulgaria’s GDP is produced in Sofia. The contribution of Sofia municipality to the national economy has been growing at a moderate but stable rate in recent years, which reflects the continuing concentration of economic activity in the capital.

The local authority is represented by the Sofia Municipal Council, a body of local self-government, and by the city’s Mayor who performs executive functions supported by the municipal administration. The Municipal Administration is divided into nine sectors with different spheres of activities, one of which is Green system, ecology and use of land.
The competence of Sofia Municipal Council is to adopt and implement strategies, programmes and plans on local issues concerning the sustainable development of the city.

In order to achieve increased growth and sustainability, based on improvement of economic competitive capacity in the framework of European regions (EU-27), Sofia strongly focuses on creating support structures in the field of innovation, financial instruments, technology and business development.

As capital city, Sofia would like to increase its capacity to influence economic development and innovation policies in the country and wishes to learn from others in the project to become a SMART cit that will improve the quality of life of its citizen.



The Association of Business Clusters (ABC)

The Association of Business Clusters (ABC)

The Bulgarian Association of Business Clusters (ABC) is a non-profit organization that unites and protects the interests of Bulgarian clusters, stimulates and enhances cluster development and supports policymaking in Bulgaria. The organization was established in 2009 by the leading clusters in the country. Currently the ABC consists of 16 clusters from the following sectors: information and communication technologies, automotive and electric vehicles, health and health tourism, maritime industry, mining and manufacturing industries, mechatronics and clean technologies, green transport.
ABC not only pulls together the most prominent clusters in Bulgaria but also deploys their background and expertise. ABC Management Board members have participated in cluster support projects under the Structural Funds (ERDF and the Competitiveness Operational Programme), Interreg, FP7 and H2020.


Consulting Cluster Veritas

Consulting Cluster Veritas

Consulting Cluster Veritas is a private organisation, which specialise in the filed of business consultancy. Established in 2013 and being an active organisational member of TCI Network since 2015, currently the cluster has 25 members from the following sectors:
• Accounting, Financial, Tax and Business Consultancy
• Information Technology
• Legal Services
• Real Estate & Tourism
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency





A TCI Network conference

TCI Network conference

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